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Carefree Business VoIP

Easy to Manage - Reliable - Feature Rich

Let’s face it, with all you have to do as a business owner and operator, the last thing you need is a complicated phone system. That’s why, at Alliance Phones, we make it easy. Simple phone systems, with simple set-up. So you don’t have to waste precious hours pouring over manuals, or going through trial and error to get your system working. In fact, it’s our belief that once you set up an Alliance Phones system, you shouldn’t think twice about it — because it will just work.


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Never Miss a Call

Stay connected with your system  at any location anytime.

Never Miss a Call
Unlimited Minutes US

Never worry about any local, long-distance charges. It is all-inclusive pricing.

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A friendly in-house team is always ready to help you


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No Contracts

Stay with us as long as you see benefit. No commitments.


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Solid Green Reliability

Alliance Phones is backed by Redundant Tier 1 Network, which means 99.9% uptime


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Carefree VoIP Manage

Control and Manage with easy to use interface



What other people, are saying about us?

“Initially I was skeptical about the whole VOIP service. We rely significantly on phone system, because it is the backbone of our operations. Alliance Phones were very helpful and guide me through the process of switching to VOIP. It turns out that I did not only save on my monthly phone bill, but I also improved the internal communication with all the features that Alliance Phones provides. Thank you Alliance Phones!”

Steve owner at SFO Express South San Francisco CA

Alliance Phones gives us the convenience of receiving calls using one main number in different geographic areas. This is a huge benefit for us since we need to be available 24/7. Thank you Alliance Phones!

Stoian owner at Expressway Logistics, Arlington Heights IL

8 Benefits at a Glance

  • Keep your old phone number
  • Save up to 60% of your phone bill
  • Receive Electronic Faxes/Voicemails and access them from anywhere
  • Project a big company image and promote your product with professional greeting
  • Stay Connected with Find Me / Follow Me
  • Low all-inclusive easy monthly plans
  • Great IP Phones to choose from
  • 50+ Phone Features Free of Additional Charge

What makes us different?

  • Alliance Phones uses uncompressed high quality voice codecs – G711. Unlike the other codecs G711 does not compress and decompress the voice data thus it eliminates the errors that might occur during those processes. This means better voice quality and fewer dropped calls.
  • Alliance Phones lets you keep your existing phone equipment if you purchase analog-to-digital device. Alliance Phones understands that in some cases it’s much easier to use the existing copper phone network instead building a new Ethernet-based one.
  • Alliance Phones IP units come plug-and-ready, which means that you only need to provide them with Internet access and they are ready to use. No muss, no fuss, as simple as turning on a faucet.
  • Alliance Phones supports Phone Numbers from all 269 Area codes that serve the United States. Most of them are available for instant provisioning.
  • Alliance Phones provides unlimited extensions to each user. This means a member can have as much simultaneously calls as his device can handle.

Alliance Phones -VS- The Other Guys

  Alliance Phones On Premise IP PBX Centrex Traditional PBX
Basic Phone Functions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Acquisition Cost Low High Medium High
99.9% Reliability Yes   Yes  
Auto Receptionist & Message Recording Yes Yes   Yes
Inexpensive and quick to install and set up Yes   Yes  
Easy to add new employees or to additional office location Yes Yes    
Remote Automatic Updates, Service Maintenance handled by provider not the client Yes      
Low Cost Faxing with Fax to Email included Yes      
Web interface for anywhere access to information and settings Yes      
Predictable Monthly Expenses Yes   Yes  
Call Transfer and Voicemail Yes Yes   Yes
Enhanced Productivity Features such as Follow Me/Find Me, Call Forwarding, Hunt and Ring Groups Yes Yes    

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